Alison Robinette

I have always been active, seeking any way to stay fit and healthy. I have paid for numerous gym memberships in my lifetime, attended for awhile, got bored, quit.
Let‘s be frank here, the first yoga class I attended somewhere back in the mid 80’s did not captivate me at all either. As a massage therapist since 1992 I put my body under a lot of stress attempting to keep everyone else pain free. In 2015 I was desperate to get my musculature stress and tension under control.
Even though my first studio experience wasn't great, I had been enjoying my own home practice for several years, it still was not enough to fulfil my needs. I had several massage clients talking about their wonderful yoga classes at local studios, and I began to realize that possibly I needed to step out of my comfort zone and find a studio. So on a warm summer night in 2015 I nervously eased into a studio, quietly found a back corner spot to hide in, and HAVE MERCY ...I FELL IN AWE! My soul soared and my body longed for more. With that being said, in 2017 I obtained my RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certification.
I have found that my personal yoga practice has increased my functionality on a daily basis, maybe even added more years to my livelihood as a massage therapist.. .Yay!! I have gained strength and flexibility, and my balance improved. When moments get a little edgy, I now know how to breathe and flow with the moment. This is the whole package that I would love to share with other people. Every “body” is not made equal, the musculoskeletal structure on any one individual may not be equal or balanced from left to right.
In my class I want everyone to be comfortable where they are in their movement, yet explore the many modifications safely while achieving personal goals.
I reside in Alexander County with my husband Mark and we're parents to two wonderful young adults. My massage practice “Therapeutic Effects” is located in downtown Taylorsville.
I hope to see you on the mat.
Blessings, Alison Robinette

Alison Robinette instructs the following:
  • Yin/Yang Fusion
  • This Yin Yang Fusion Class will stimulate yin tissues to maintain and create healthy range of joint motion, and yang tissues to build strength and balance in the body. We will begin with deliciously long held yin yoga poses. Yin yoga’s static holds signal the body’s deeper connective tissues to strengthen and rejuvenate.
    Next, the body will be warmed up for a flowing yang yoga vinyasa to strengthen and stretch the muscular tissues of the body through rhythmic repetitive flows. Last, the body will be quieted with meditative twisting and folding before resting in Savasana. Come put a little yang in your yin, and a little yin in your yang!