Taylar Hoffman

How did yoga come into my life?

Yoga came into my life when I was in college at UNCW. I took my first yoga class at the school gym when I attended UNCW. One of my good friends had done yoga all through high school, and she encouraged me to go with her. I was instantly hooked, and have never looked back! I loved the physical aspect, and as I continued practicing at the school and at a local yoga studio, I began to become curious about the mind and spirit benefits yoga had to offer.

Why a Yoga teacher?

Honestly, being a teacher was never my intention, even when I signed up for 200 hour teacher certification. I wanted to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and how I could bring my on the mat yoga practice off the mat and into every aspect of my life. After completing training, I felt a pull to try teaching. I wanted to be able to share the practice of yoga with others. Yoga is such a rewarding treasure, to be able to guide others in not only a wonderful physical activity, but also help strengthen people’s spiritual practice of yoga as well.

What is my teaching style?

Recently completing training, I’m still finding my style, but if I had to describe it in one word I would say it’s organic.

Taylar Hoffman instructs the following:
  • Level 1-2 Yoga
  • This class is appropriate for all levels. A slow and steady sequence of postures will provide you with an opportunity to build your stamina, strength and balance. The poses are simple and easy to learn with room to vary and elaborate as you progress. Modifications will be offered for the beginner to the advanced. Arm balances and inversions will be gradually introduced.