Restorative Yoga

This class is taught by:

Angie Scott

How did yoga come into my life?

Yoga was presented to me in my college years. A beloved friend suggested that I attend one class to see what it was all about; afterwards I fell in love with it! I enjoyed the postures as well as the enlightenment mentality. It became a part of who I was and where I wished to be. The next thing I knew I was ready to take a leap to become the yoga teacher in order to share this experience with anyone and everyone.

How do I practice yoga on the mat?

I practice yoga with a goal of contentment from my students. I wish to bring my students to a healthier physical state, as well as, a happier mental state. I offer any modification to better my students comfort level and strive to bring the mind to a more serene place of being. Additionally I am always learning new things, especially from my students. They teach me as much if not more than I teach them.

How do I practice yoga off the mat?

Practicing yoga on the physical level is a part of my way of living but it is not alone. I practice many aspects of the yogic life in so many different ways. An example would be learning a new way of thinking and applying it to my daily life. Teaching myself a more conscious way to breathe, but most importantly is incorporating action and reaction in a new light to those all around me.

Why a yoga teacher?

Once I fell in love with yoga and all its wonders I simply wanted to share the experience with others. I want to dedicate my training and knowledge to the community.

What is my teaching style?

My teaching style is of a peaceful nature. As a teacher my aim is to cater to the needs and wants of my students. I strive to meet each need in every way possible. I hope to bring each individual to a custom practice and a more peaceful state of mind.

Restorative yoga is all about relaxing in order to reach the parasympathetic nervous system. Restorative yoga is centered on relaxation, light stretch, and some sensation. Poses are fully aided with props to maximize relaxation as well as comfort. Poses are most beneficial to be held 7-10 minutes each. Each pose addresses physiological, physical, and mental restoration!